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Our Story


We are located in the center of South Providence, in the capital of Rhode Island. We serve authentic Dominican food, made with fresh ingredients to ensure the best flavor. We offer varied dishes, generous portions and affordable prices. Our goal is to keep our customers happy! If you want to eat an exquisite steak, mofongo, sancocho, or any other traditional Dominican dish, at La Gran Parada Restaurant we offer you this and much more. Manuel Delgado, owner of La Gran Parada, is extremely proud of the growth that this restaurant has had, and he appreciates the support of his community. Delgado began working in the world of gastronomy at the age of 14, working in an Irish restaurant in New York City. It was there where he acquired knowledge in everything related to the management of a restaurant, with purchases being the area which he learned the most. This experience would later serve as a platform to start his own business. It was his father who first started in Providence the business of La Gran Parada Restaurant, in 1985, together with his wife and other family members. In its first stage the restaurant was small, with only a few tables, practically one third of the space it now occupies. After a few years Manuel was presented with the opportunity to acquire the business, which he did, without hesitation, investing all his savings in it. Like everything else, at the beginning it was not easy, especially because Manuel faced the challenge of moving forward with a business with debts and without monetary liquidity. He was forced to apply for credit and he remembers that he took the first credit merchandise in My Quisqueya Supermarket. When the business began to stabilize, the team grew with the incorporation of his ex-wife and some relatives of her, who also worked hard at La Gran Parada for many years. After a while, Manuel became once again the only one in charge of the establishment. Always trying to innovate in the business of traditional Hispanic food, and even though he had few resources, Manuel was able to do some remodeling of the business. He hired more employees and diversified and expanded his menu, including a variety of dishes with affordable prices.With many personal sacrifices, things changed economically for Manuel, until he was able to buy the building where the restaurant now operates. As you can see, the story of La Gran Parada Restaurant is a testimony of determination, faith, discipline, and hard work, both for Manuel, and for all the people who have passed through the restaurant, there being nothing better for him.

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